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Battle of the Colours cover

Battle of the Colours

'This picture book with interactive peep holes and rhyme will delight children of all ages.'
Jon Connell, The Week

UK Price £6.99
Format Softback
Age 4-8 years
Size 200mm x 200mm
Extent 28 pages
ISBN 978-0-9563744-6-2

Distributed by Finks Publishing.
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The Swallow. the Owl and the Sandpiper cover

The Swallow, the Owl and the Sandpiper

Words of Courage, Wisdom and Spirit. An inspirational book from an inspirational lady...

UK Price £14.99
Format Paperback
Size 135mm x 190mm
Extent 240 pages
ISBN 978-0-9563744-4-8

Distributed by The Sandpiper Trust
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Guide to Field Sports cover

Robertson's Guide to Field Sports in Scotland

What happens on the Glorious 12th? How do you go about stalking a real life Monarch of the Glen?

UK Price £10
Format Paperback
Size 130mm x 190mm
Extent 120 pages
ISBN 978-0-9563744-5-5

Distributed by Bookspeed
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Walter under the Bridge cover

Walter Under the Bridge

Walter is a lovely, friendly and sometimes a little bit vulnerable troll. Come and meet him and his friends at Whitney Bridge

UK Price £8.50
Format Paperback
Size 297mm x 210mm
Extent 60 pages
ISBN 9-780992-654214

Distributed by Whitney Bridge Publishing
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